Start making Better Choices & live a better life

We don't believe in a "one-size-fits-all" approach when it comes to healthy eating, general well being and weight management.

We are all individuals, with different health goals and lifestyles.

We design meal plans and provide dietary advice to meet your specific needs, according to your lifestyle, your health goals and your taste preferences.

Who would benefit from this program?

This program has been specifically designed for busy people who are interested in improving their, and their children's, health and well being, but do not necessarily have the time, access or need to see a dietitian for a face-to-face consultation. 

Looking for weight management advice?

The Adult program can be tailored to meet weight management goals. Please note the children's program does not address weight loss, for this service we encourage you to use our telephone dietary consultation service - send us an enquiry here.

What you will receive from us?

Once we have received your completed survey and food diary, we will nutritionally analyse and review your current eating habits and lifestyle. We will then provide you with a comprehensive nutrition report specifically written for you.

See example report to the right--->


This report includes:


- Overview of your current macro and micro nutrient intakes and compared to your recommended daily intakes for your gender, age group, weight and health goals.


- Dietary advice on your current eating habit strengths and weaknesses, with suggestions to avoid potential nutrient deficiencies.


- Useful portioning advice (for adults only)


- A tailored 7 day meal plan which has been designed specifically to meet your individual needs, food preferences and health goals.


- A recipe log of all main meal and snack options presented in the meal plan

(Note children receive a generic meal plan with suggested portions which will need to be modified by the parent/guardian accordingly).

.Looking for specific advice for a chronic medical condition or allergy?

This is a general well being program, with tailored meal plans according to lifestyle, nutrient requirements, food preferences and vegetarian diets. This program does not provide therapuetic advice for medical conditions or allergies. For this advice we encourage you to use our telephone dietary consultation service - send us an enquiry here.

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